Massage - recognized by health insurance companies

Partial Body Massage (back or legs)
25 min

As part of the classic massage, we offer massage for the shoulders, neck and back, legs or arms. During the treatment, you can coordinate with the masseur where you would like to set your personal focus.

Whole Body Massage
50 min

It often happens that tensions come over several areas of the body. Your masseur will check your individual combination with you.

Medical Sports Massage
25 or 50 minutes

Especially after training, a sports massage shortens the regeneration time of your muscles enormously. You will be fit again faster and ready for the next training sessions or competitions.

Hot Stone Massage
45 or 75 minutes

Through the interaction of hot and cold stones, blood circulation and metabolism are strongly stimulated and the muscles are particularly loosened.

25 min

Each of our organs can be found in a specific point on our feet. A pressure point massage on the sole of the foot can have a harmonizing influence on the body.

Manual Lymph Drainage
25 or 50 minutes

This type of massage promotes both the flow of the lymph and the removal of the fluid from the intercellular tissue.


Massage Time Price Price for 11
Whole Body (&Sports-) Massage 50 min 98.- 980.-
Partial Body (&Sports-) Massage 25 min 50.- 500.-
Hot Stone Massage 75 min 145.- 1450.-
Hot Stone Massage 45 min 98.- 980.-
Reflexology 25 min 50.- 500.-
Manual Lymph Drainage 50 min 98.- 980.-
Manual Lymph Drainage 25 min 50.- 500.-

Massages are one of the oldest remedies in mankind. Everyone who pushes somewhere, or has a painful area on the body, rubs or presses it instinctively. During the massage, the vessels are expanded and more blood can flow into the tissue. In addition to the supply of nutrients, this also promotes the removal of metabolic end products. In addition, bonds between layers of tissue are loosened and local hardenings softer. The effect on the human psyche is very important. The feeling of relaxation is conveyed through various brain structures. The activity level of the brain is reduced during the massage. The release of stress hormones is dampened. A feeling of deep relaxation spreads.

As part of the classic massage, we offer massages for the shoulders of the neck, back, legs or arms. During use, you can coordinate with the masseur where you would like to set your personal focus.